The first company in GENEVA to provide you professional certified personal trainers with the highest educational standard right to your home, office, or park.

Now you can get a great workout without leaving your house! Our trainers are available at your most convenient time - from early morning to late evening.


We understand that every client is different so we adapt the workout according to each client's objectives. We guaranty a safe and focused program to reach your goals. During the first consultation, body fat, muscle mass, water retention and bone mass are evaluated and the trainer builds a focused program just for you!

What we offer

  • Free health assessment

  • Body fat, water, muscle mass measurements

  • Nutritional counseling

  • Trial Personal Training session for new members

  • Adapted fitness training program

What to do next?

So if you’re someone who wants results, efficiency, accountability and comfort, In-Home Personal Training may be the right choice for you.


Our clients love the results and you will too! 


Regardless of your fitness level, request your Free health assessment and trial session.

Our professional Personal Trainer will come right to your home, do the fitness testing (body fat, water retention mass, muscle and bone structure) and set an appropriate training program.


Get Fit At Home Personal Trainers offers a variety of personal training membership prices to suit your needs, visit our Prices page.  

To inquire more information about our services, please get in touch with us via our Contact page.​